Wailings of a Slave (Tears of Blood)

Wailings of a Slave (Tears Of Blood)

Thorns in my flesh,
Shackles on my feet,
Gag in my mouth,
It’s a great wonder I still have not shed tears of blood.

The whip piercing into my flesh,
My body growing numb from assaults,
My eyes bloodshot from blows,
Yet I shed no tear of blood.

If with all this wickedness I have no tears of blood to shed,
And my spirit holds firm refusing to be broken,
If I can still hope for the time my race will be free,
Then I need not shed tears of blood!

Oh yes!
My captors deserve no tears of blood from me!!



  1. Thank you all for reading and dropping your comments 🙂
    Uhm… Kayode I happen to be among those that haven’t been privileged to see the movie Django :(.. Heard the movie is fab though. It’s not showing yet in the cinema over here..


  2. Very brave poem. Inspiring. Question tho, is this going to be an assortment of content in ur blog or is gonna be poetic for the most part? Regardless, this poem’s great. Good work.


  3. Thanks Avese 🙂 The blog will contain as many types of writing as possible.. Even pictures will be used at some point.. It’ll just be the way I named it; “Thoughts on Blog”. Whatever thought that pops up in my mind that I’d like to share with the world will be published here. Thanks once again for your visit 🙂


  4. Very interesting write up. Hope is wat everyone need to stay strong both slave and free born.
    Keep it up dear


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