Hey peeps 🙂 You’re about to read my first thoughts in a new category; FROM MY MIND, TO YOUR SCREEN. The post (Losing It), took a path of it’s own, not the path that I chose.

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I see inspiration in everything now,
My pain seems just like a new subject to build upon.
Is this making the best use of my situation,
Or a severe case of blotting out reality?

The impaired man on the street needs my understanding.
I stand by, creating a story out of his misfortune.
Is this only seeking inspiration,
Or just plain insensitivity?

A plane crashed, a tanker spilled, lives are in danger;
‘This would make a great story’, I thought, camera at the ready.
Is this still sharing of information,
Or plain inhumanity?

A female child is in need of being just that; a child.
I seat in on a meeting and vote “Aye! Make her a bride.”
Is this performing duties to my country,
Or a plain caveman’s bestiality?

I flaunt my nudity and sexuality on national TV;
Maybe I’ll bag some good cash or become popular.
Is this also civilization,
Or full time irresponsibility?

Innocent lives are wasted like frogs run down by a trailer;
I stain my hands with their blood, saying it’s for a cause.
Is this fighting for my people’s right,
Or plain barbarity?

I have several sources of revenue but feast on one alone.
Not my headache man! I make enough to plunder in tons.
Am I a prudent administrator,
Or is this just plain stupidity?

People are in darkness and scramble for their feed.
My concern is of me, mine and packs of my lair.
Surely this is self preservation,
Or could it be selfishness at it’s peak?

You probably relate with my state of mind;
Perhaps you castigate my audacity.
Why, am I not the vessel you inhabit?
With heart beating and veins throbbing with same tenacity?

I am losing it! The world is losing it;
Even you, yes you! We’re all part of it. 😦
What’s that expression you’ve got,
Sheer incredulity?

There is a need for purging;
So much has been lost and so little time is left.
Let’s rise unanimously, each man wielding his talent as weapon.
Reviving our sense of rightness and integrity.


  1. The household of the man in aso rock conveniently spends millions of naira on cutleries annually… Senators get paid in millions of dollars for not using their brains…yet lectures who helps in shaping careers have stipends as reward… Help! What is wrong with the government?
    Seriously we need help!

    Nikky thanks for the enlightenment …we are not oblivious of these problems… we sometimes need to be reminded not to be complacent.
    May God help us… Amen!


  2. Reading ur caption ‘LOOSING IT’ reminded me of d intellectual disposition u displayed back den in school via a write up titled ‘a word from me to you’. Am happy that you maintained the status quo.

    This is apparently a pragmatic explanation of the Nigerian system. The pervasive abnormal situation in our country is deemed a suitable pedestal by some individuals to attain affluence. They masquerade themselves as crusaders of truth to advance and actualize their parochial plan.

    The good deeds of Reuben Abati are now history, not because he’s no more, buh cox he’s got what is looking for. Now,he dines and wines with those he condemned overtly, certainly not because there has been improvement in their(political office holders) dispassionate attitude to the welfare of the masses. What do we call this? Chronic deception?

    The masses aren’t helping issues. Its only in Nigeria that people troop out and dance in the name of commissioning borehole water source by these political thieves with jumbo pay. Do we say they are not aware of what’s haPpening?

    Olanike well done, pls keep up the good work.


  3. LOL Your creativity is rare and very impressive.. I can relate with everything here.. I’d be looking out for ur nxt piece


    • Bodepal, Lol. Pro? Am no pro! Still very much a learner.

      Pseudodementia could be said to be a term for fake mental deterioration. For example, a person that appears to have Alzheimer’s but who is perfectly ok.


  4. inspirational thoughts that fullz of depts. thought provoking. if only those dat are concern will get d message. Keep it up dear. as i always say may ur source of inspiration never run dry.


  5. real psedodementia.
    I love ur flow of thoughts. what stands out to me are the issues of “full time irresponsibility” in civilized world of celebrities, (only last week i was pondering on this and wondering ‘how did the human race come this far’?);”caveman’s bestiality” of some senators, “selfishness at its peak” by lots of our political leaders, “plain inhumanity” which i see even among members of the general Nigerian public today who prefer to pick up phones video a mob scene and upload it on YouTube rather than, at least reporting such to the nearest police. I can go on and on. all ur thoughts are just in line. At times i wonder if the primitive human race wasn’t a more peaceful, harmonious and indeed wiser specie than the 21st century civilized and technologically advanced human race. We are really losing it o.


    • Well… It’s up to us to make a change. Change begins with individuals before progressing to the entire universe. May God help us and grant us grace to effect positive change. Amen!


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