Figments Of His Imaginations

Hello wonderful people ūüôā Here I am again spilling it From My Mind To Your Screen. This one is titled Figments of His imaginations.

Kindly follow the pictures as related to the stanzas as you go on… I also implore us to click on the links therein to get interesting hints. Thank you! ūüėÄ

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Figments of His Imaginations

Figments Of His Imaginations

We met..
We met in a most regular way.
No spark , no attraction, nothing out of the ordinary.
We picked a glass of wine from the same tray,
At the same time.
I winked at you and said “Hey, enjoying the party?”
That was all.

Black man and black woman sharing a glass of wine
We fell..
We fell into a comfortable chatter.
Strangers at parties couldn’t do better.
You’re Fehinti,
I’m Taiwo.
You smiled and said “T-boy is cool with me”
That was it.
 *                    *                     *                     *                      *
We met again..
We met again in the most natural way.
A little break from a busy day,
It was you and your lovely smile I met again
I knew then, your full attention I must gain
I whispered “We should go on a date”
That settled it.
Black whispering in black woman's ear
We were cool..
We were cool with each other,
There was no nasty drama.
The passion broke world record,
Companionship has never seen such method.
You told me “Lean on me, it’s my name Fehintimi”
That got me.
Black Happy Couple
We fell..
We fell in love,
We shared our all.
Our future planned.
I said “My love, we would conquer all”
That sealed the deal.
Black couple in love
Aged black couple in love
We couldn’t..
We couldn’t conquer all.
The silence of our love bounced back from the wall,
Our world-record-passion whizzed out the door.
A raging passion flew in through the windows,
Your eyes are drawn like that of a widow’s;
You mumbled “Where could things have gone wrong.”
That broke the silence.
Unhappy Black Couple 2
Unhappy Black Couple
We found..
We found your voice again,
We could no more, the sweet one regain.
You keep yelling at the top of your voice;
The walls of my ear hurting without a choice,
No sane man could feel this and still rejoice.
At a point I screamed “This has to stop”
That got me here.
Black woman screaming at black man
I lost my cool,
As my love’s love I have lost,
And her short temper became my lot
She told me to lean on her
But even thin air to lean on, she denied me
My palms tightly hugging her neck
She screamed “Taiwo! My life, I beg you spare!”
That didn’t help.
Black woman being strangled
I didn’t..
I didn’t or I couldn’t;
I am so confused.
Her voice screaming for dear life in my head, now faded.
Her eyes, lifeless, stares at me with condemnation,
Even in her death, she bullies me to consternation.
I whispered in horror “What have I done?!”
That cleared the scales from my eyes.
A black man that is surprised and confused
We got here..
We got here from the top,
My lovely readers and I without a flop.
The life of T-boy and his spouse, we’ve seen,
The ups and downs and the in-betweens.
Please be back again to read,
The finale of their ruins.
I tell you “There is more than meets the eyes”
Love y’all :* :*
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Check back for the concluding part of Figments of His Imaginations brought to you from my mind to your screen ūüėČ


  1. I like, I like the flow of thoughts and choice of words, they carried me like a toddler one step after another, all the way. Hahaha, see the way you turned me into a poet. Nice piece ma’am.


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