Hello lovies :* :* I wrote a poem “Give” again. Yayy!!

But first, kindly forgive me for my long absence.

Procrastination and I have been finding it hard to part ways *covers face*

It actually took me falling ill till I could take time to share my thoughts again. Lord have mercy on me. Please whatever you really love doing or would love to do, start as early as yesterday. Time is of the essence!!

So back to my poem “Give”. It is a little something I wrote on Thursday, 22nd of January 2015 on instagram in a challenge to “form something using the acronym N I G E R I A  ”

Hope you like it 😉


Never have I experienced the beauty of giving.
To give without restraint, now I have learnt.

Interesting it was, for all I’ve known is taking, demanding and the thrills it brought.
In my lowest moment, a man with next to nothing shared his all with me a total stranger.

Give purely from your heart without reserve” he said was his mantra
“You can’t imagine the peace it brings within.

Especially to those that can never repay” he said, as he gently helped to soothe my wounds.
And truly this poor man knows not the power I can wield.

Reeling still I was, from shock and the demise of my soldiers..
With my glory shed from me, my pride washed down the stream..

I found warmth in a poor man’s tattered coat..
I, a princess who could have the finest of furs.

A true lesson now I’ve learnt! The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose..
As I watch this poor fisher man selflessly row me back home with the wind on the waters slapping at his bare back.


So, dear friends, readers and loved ones, let’s #give without restraint.. #Giving is #Receiving..

#Peace, #Love, #Selflessness, #Gratitude. All these begat #Unity

God bless Nigeria. God bless His people all over the world. Amen


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