Food, Family & Fun: Highlights from Fiesta of Flavours by First Bank, Where Food Is First

“Laughter is brightest where food is best.” – Irish Proverb

Hello my awesome people 😘 It’s been a minute yea? 😉 Today I am going to gist you about the Fiesta of Flavours hosted by First Bank Nigeria and Eventful. Oh it was A M A Z I N G! Don’t you just love it when everyone comes together, family and friends alike with one mantra #FoodIsFirst!

The happy atmosphere at First bank’s #FiestaOfFlavour reminded me of the Irish proverb “Laughter is brightest where food is best.” Oh trust me First Bank brought together some really talented folks for this fiesta. So you can picture how it was ba? The foods were delightfully awesome and the atmosphere scored 100% in the cheerfulness department too.


Fiesta of Flavours by First Bank Nigeria

So you remember the Sound of Music ba? ♫♫ Let’s start from the very beginning ♫♫♫

First Bank came together with Eventful to organise a food fair that’s aimed at promoting the food industry in West Africa. The Fiesta of Flavours was tagged with the theme “Food Is First” which highlights the importance of food towards a sustainable economy. First Bank incorporated their legacy of putting customers’ needs first into this event and in the process reminds us all of how Food Is Economy and why #FoodIsFirst. Other sponsors of the #FiestaOfFlavours are Eventful, Oando Gas and Peak Milk.


So in a very classy way, First Bank and the co-sponsors put some fun into promoting food and voila we had the Fiesta of Flavours where we experienced amazing Chef battles, Jollof Rice Games, Bouncy castles & cliff climbing for kids, Bursts of Juicy flavours and sooooo much fun!!


Let’s see some pictures.. Yay!! 😀

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The Fiesta of Flavour showcased several brainies in the food industry.

We got to see talented chefs like Chef Fregs, Chef Emeka, Chef Tiyan, Chef Rueben, Chef Coco, Chef Alex Okey amongst others!! And wonderful mixologists too.

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Chefs Photo Credit: First Bank Nigeria

It was indeed a really exciting event for me as I got to meet with the ever adorable Iquo Ukoh of 1Qfoodplatter. And I apparently saw my darling Afrolems too but I didn’t know until much later 🙈 *covers face*.. I love you guys! You’re awesome 😘 😘


I got my Body Age calculated and according to Iquo’s crew my body age is 18 yippee!! Someone’s healthy yea 😀 There was also a wheel spinning game… I didn’t get the question but learnt something new. And because she’s just sooo much of a darling, 1Qfoodplatter gave me some lovely measuring cups.. Y’all can come over, Christmas cake is on me 😉

First Bank really means business o… It was really a food affair through and through; even the colourfully designed children’s corner has a food-market design out front. Yea, the children have their own fish, meat and other food produce hanging down. Erm… but they’re not edible.

Checkout the cool children’s corner that was designed by Play Barn and pictures of a few other fun stuffs the First Bank made available for kids to do.

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Thanks to this awesome event organized by First Bank and friends, a lot of us were able to discover lots of new quality products in the food industry. This really gave me a burst of pride to see my fellow naija pipo making juices (e.g. Nuli {the Nuli juice company}, Boomsky Smoothies, OhSoNutrition amongst others) and awesome ingredients from the scratch (H.H.F. {Happy Healthy Food}etc.).

Some of these folks are just really creative with their choice of name. One I can remember clearly is WaraCake {Yoruba phrase for “come and buy cake”}. Pstt… They gave me this really delicious red velvet cupcake 😍

There was also a farmers’ market set up where you can buy palm oil, coconut, garri, eggs and so much more. Not forgetting we need healthy teeth to enjoy all this goodies, First Bank also brought the Face ‘n’ Braces Dental Clinics to the #FiestaOfFlavour

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Maybe am just a bush girl sha o, but what totally blew me away were the misty fans!!!! For real!! I mean how else would you know that First Bank means business when they say “You First”. Those misty fans gave me so much joy walahi! I caught myself going to chill in front of some now and then. First Bank God bless y’all for that major thoughtfulness. Hosting an outdoorsy event in this Harmattan season is not an easy bone to crack trust me. Those misty fans blew mists to dampen the hot Harmattan air. And when you stand directly in front of any of them, you get to feel the cool wind with tiny droplets of water giving you this amazingly cool feeling. Yea, a cool feeling under the hot dry Harmattan weather, who can beat that. First Bank also showed their eco friendliness by incorporating a Recycle bin sponsored by Dansa Fruit Juice in the event.

There’s so much to say that just can’t all be written. I hope you guys will partake in the next Fiesta of Flavours God willing. Join me in appreciating all this other lovely pictures taken by @FemiFactor, @KneWKeeD, @teschronicles and @Honormeh_aganga

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From all the careful thoughtfulness I’ve seen put into this Fiesta of Flavours event, I’d say when First Bank Nigeria says “You First”, they’re not #JustKidding. They mean business! First Bank has been putting customer’s needs first since 1894 for real.


What would you have loved to see at the Fiesta of Flavours?

Do you agree this should be a yearly event?

Let me know your thoughts :D… Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below


Love y’all 😘😘



  1. This event enjoyed huge publicity, sadly, I couldn’t make it on that day. However, from your well detailed write-ups, obviously looks like a fabulous idea and I’d say should be hosted at least once a year, probably with varied seasons. First bank is first!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It was really fun reading this and I bet it would have been even more fun being there, I would admit I never excepted such from first bank but this is marvelous. I think the event should be a yearly thing apart from it being a marketing strategy it can also serve as a means of appreciating their customers for being faithful and also serve as a large outreach to every customer and in the long run they would become pacesetter for other banks. Kudos to firstbank and lovely report @NikeThaddeus your always blow my mind with your write up. Thanks 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmm, it sounds like it was a fun filled food event. Thanks for the post. I also got lots of information from it. However, I would appreciate it if the organizers improved on publicity for subsequent events. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Erm…why am I just hearing about this???

    Sounds like it was a very fun-filled event. I think measures should be taken to create more awareness next year.

    See you then!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Abi o!! It’s partly thanks to a certain Yewande… But I’m still very much lazy with the cooking.. But sincerely Annie 😮 if you were at this event you’ll agree even a picky eater will salivate.

      Lol… Thanks dearie. Always a pleasure to have you around 😘


  5. I think this event was very cool
    And things like this should be organized more often.
    For me, I love seeing beautifully presented mouth watering food and I love learning new recipes. I wish I was there 😞

    But thanks a lot for this writeup, I have learned other cool stuffs too. Just the right place for a food lover like me 👌
    What a wonderful post
    Kudos to the blogger👍👍 @Nike Thaddeus


  6. It’s a nice innovation by First bank cause food is essential to life. I think there is a need for more organizations to focus on not just food but healthy food. Nice piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. As always…you know I use your recipes in 9ja food for our company newsletter…I always direct people to the page tho, but once again Nikky…you nailed it. What else could a reader ask for. Oh yes nd Boomsky smoothies is the bomb…she delivers to the office as well…*wink*


  8. Quite awesome event from a reliable brand. I believe @FirstBankngr should make this an annual event and other brands should find an innovative way around this type of program for the benefit of all.
    @SwankyNikky, an impressive job from you. A very informative thought you have here. With these steps sky is your starting point. Keep the spirit up and God bless your efforts. Bravo, Nike Thaddeus.


  9. Now this is what I call full coverage of an event. Kudos First Bank for putting this together. It shows you not only Care about your customers because of their money but u also care about our feeding habit. I wish I attended the event cos I’m someone who gets delighted when matters of food arise. The skilful and detailed descriptions of all the highlights of the event and the pictures makes me feel I were there myself. The atmosphere must have been so ambient that it would have been easy to loose track of time. Thanks @ First Bank Nigeria for the event & Thanks @ Nike Thaddeus for the wonderful write up.
    Please do keep me posted when the next event is scheduled. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I believe this was the maiden edition so the turn out was understandable as it was quite low. However the venue was great, it’s always recommended to locate a fair on grounds with vast space.

    For me the highlight was not the food, it was the music. That live band, I will stalk the Internet till I find them then attend all their live shows.

    Liked by 1 person

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