Wasted time, they say, is worse than wasted money.

Hello friends 🙂 I’m here again with one of my poems. I will be glad to hear your interpretations or just simply know your thoughts about it.

Be selective with who you invest your time, because wasted time is worse than wasted money — Anonymous



Wasted dreams;
You spend your days and nights dreaming about how beautiful things will become.
“If you can dream it, you can achieve it” you tell yourself, “just go ahead and live your dream”.
You couldn’t.

Wasted time;
You invest your minutes and hours trying to fit in the puzzles.
“Give it some more time” you tell yourself, “this puzzle will surely fit”.
It didn’t.

Wasted energy;
You exert yourself, even tried to change for that ‘special someone’.
“Put in a little more effort” you tell yourself, “this relationship will surely work”.
It wouldn’t.

Wasted pain;
You feel pain gripping your heart every time your dreams, time & energy ends up a waste.
“Hold on” you tell yourself “this storm will surely pass”.
It doesn’t.

Not like a drunkard,
Though you feel the sense of waking up in a gutter .
“I deserve better than this” you tell yourself, “but maybe I should just give it one more try”.
It’s futile.

Stop wasting.
Time to move on. Don’t dwell.
“When God shows you someone’s true colours over ‘n’ over again, stop trying to paint a different picture ”
Dust off your shoes and move on.
This is one of those times you confused a ‘lesson’ for a ‘soulmate ’


Musings of Nike Thaddeus


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