Figments of His Imaginations: The Short Story

Figments Of His Imaginations again? I know you must be thinking I made a mistake.

For my avid readers who’ve been following my blog, I know you get that. No, this is not a mistake, if you remember the first Figments of His Imaginations poem was supposed to have a second part to it.

Well, Access Bank Plc. (a bank in Nigeria) held a writing competition or Ink Challenge on their Women Community and I participated using this story. It was originally longer than this, but you know now 😉 Competition rules had to be followed (although quite a lot of the articles posted for this same competition exceeded the word limit o)

So here it is, my short story version of Figments of His Imaginations

Figments of His Imaginations: The Short Story

We met at a fundraiser while picking wine glasses simultaneously. She smiled at me, I winked at her. Her name was Fehinti, mine was Taiwo.

“T-boy is cool with me” she said, in her singsong voice.

Days later I ran into Fehinti again and whispered to her

“We should go on a date”.

Figments Of His Imaginations 1

So it started. We were cool together, no nasty drama, record breaking passion. Yes, we had it all.

She looked me deep in the eyes and said

“Lean on me. It’s my name Fehintimi”

We fell so deeply in love that I believed together, we’d conquer all.

I was wrong.

We couldn’t conquer all. Fehinti, started nagging and yelling about everything. I wonder where things could have gone wrong.

One day, I lost my cool just as I have lost my Fehinti. She had told me to lean on her but now, she’s denied me even thin air to lean on.

Next thing I knew, my palms were hugging her neck as she begged for life.

Figments Of His Imaginations 2

But I… I cou… couldn’t stop till she was staring at me, lifeless, bullying me even in her death.

“What have I done?!!”

I need to get out of here. I grabbed my keys, got into my car.

I need to disappear. It was 2am, the skies wept ferociously like they mourned Fehinti. Lightening pointed accusing fingers at me as I drove through a bridge at Iju that’s got damaged railings. I can’t see a thing, but I can’t wait to disappear!

I guess the Universe heard me, because right then, my tires skidded off the wet bridge. This sent my car sinking into the muddy swamp beneath the bridge. Am stuck and I… I can’t breathe.

I sprang up from my sweat-drenched bed, choking. It’s a bad dream. I got up, washed my face and shrieked when I saw Taiwo staring back at me through the mirror.


I grabbed my boobs. They’re still there. But am Kehinde, a woman, why is my twin staring sadly in my mirror?

Suddenly, steam covered the mirror and two words appeared…



You’ve read the Poem version and now you’ve see the short story version. I want to write a novel on this and I’ll like to hear what you think this story is about.

Just let me know what you see or if you even saw anything in the story.

You can check the poem version HERE

Figments Of His Imaginations

Also, you can see the comments of other readers on the Access Bank W-Community HERE.

You guys know I always love you 🙂

A big thank you to all those that stuck with me even in my inconsistency. You are my inspiration.

Thanks to Abdulazeem Animasaun also, he was really encouraging while I was writing this short story.

I really want to hear your thoughts!

Comment! Comment!! Comment!!!

Love y’all


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